Our experience for new clients when carrying out a project

Although among professionals we all know the procedures of a project, the negative experiences of individual clients or their lack of knowledge motivate us to explain how we act from our studio.

It all begins with the first contact with the client, asking them what they want to do on the land, knowing their tastes regarding the style of housing, their list of requests and ultimately their needs and their way of living.

Therefore, as soon as we begin, a prior study of the land is done to obtain all possible information, to see its current situation, calculate the percentages of buildability according to the plot, its situation according to the planning in force, etc... in short, a urban planning check of the property, a real headache on the Coast.

Once all this information is obtained, said documentation is presented to the client along with some sketches of the initial idea, and depending on the client and the work, approximate fees are attached prior to the final contract.

After the first litmus test where the client begins to take reality and confidence in our work, they are presented with firm proposals and alternatives to that initial idea that every client has.

If everything is correct and the client agrees, we will proceed to the preparation and presentation of the Project.

As a final step in the design, a series of hyper-realistic images of both the exterior and the interior are prepared.

As a complement, the client is also offered the finishing and interior design phase, knowing their tastes, and if appropriate, a proposal is made for the final finish of the interior of the home and even the furniture.

Subsequently, the final and most anticipated phase of the client arrives, which is the execution of the Project, with the calculation and estimation of the real budget.


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